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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Get Ready for Big Air this winter season!

For Immediate Release - October 5, 2011

Where: Leading Edge Gymnastics Academy, Everett
When: Sunday afternoons Time: 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please RSVP - Visit the Trampoline Camp Page

The Fall season has descended and you know what that means: Snow's around the corner. Are you ready for it?
Dave Valenti is continuing the http://www.BigAirandBumps.com Club effort with his Big Air Trampoline Conditioning Camps at Leading Edge Gymnastics Academy in Everett.
Why do you need to know about that?
Because there has been huge growth of trampolines being used for extreme sports training – all across the country. Extreme Sports are all about Big Air - you're a skier or snowboarder - it's all mountain riding, slope style and half-pipe. Big Air!
“It's just learning the basics, body mechanics and body positioning,” says Dave. “It's understanding being able to be in tune with your body; what position do you need to be in to be strong and be effective. The biggest thing I say about trampolines is they teach you how to land on all the strong parts of your body - and not your head.”
The best athletes in the world are the best crashers, he says.
“Whether it's rail sliding or flipping off jumps or spinning off jumps, cork or off-axis, rodeo, misty. I teach body awareness,” says Dave. “Repetition is what's great about a trampoline, not only is it strength-building, physical conditioning, as your bouncing you're flexing every muscle in your body pretty much as hard as you can every other second. Then, it's also about balance, in the air. It's understanding how to control your body.”
That's what Big Air and Bumps is all about – and having a good time with people and helping them learn all the various techniques.
For more information about the Big Air Trampoline Conditioning Camps, visit the Camp page at http://www.bigairandbumps.com/index.php/site/calendar_article/bigair-trampoline-conditioning-camps1.
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